Preventing Dehydration In Kids

Water is essential to all human bodies, and this is why it is important to stay properly hydrated all the time. It applies to our kids to be hydrated.Hydration is for well being and good health especially in the summer seasons. The following are the causes of dehydration in kids

Causes of dehydration in kids

Lack of enough water in the body causes dehydration. Our bodies use sweat to cool down; sweatdednkdndjd
is composed of microscopic toxins and salts that our body releases which come out majorly as
water.Another cause of Dehydration is viral infections, with diarrhea and high fever as the symptoms.Children depend on adults to provide them with proper care by ensuring they take water and have good nutrition.Babies cannot say when they are thirsty, or uncomfortable, they only cry, or fuss and became listless and in severe cases, they don’t produce sweat and become hot.If a child does not produce sweat while in intense physical activities or when there is a lot of heat, this calls for attention or concern. Before other serious symptoms such as high fever, dizziness, listless or a sense of disorientation occurs, it is important to get electrolytes and water into their bodies before the child passes out.

Symptoms of Dehydration

Some of the symptoms are- trouble sleeping and restless during the night.A small amount of urination which occurs in extremely dark color.It is evident in small children and babies to have a sticky or dry mouth, sunken eyes, irritability especially in babies and if it has dry mouth, please give the baby water immediately.Rapid heart beat, Low blood pressure or Unconsciousness may occur in extreme cases and also Rapid breathing

Effective Prevention

sddfffffIt is advisable to give your child a bottle of water rather than soft drinks such as juices and cooled drinks. You should have kids come into the house to drink water if they are playing outdoors.A beneficial drink is a drink which helps balance electrolytes in the body.An adult should make sure children drink plenty of water. They should cool down periodically when they come from playing extreme physical activities or from extreme heat. Make sure children get enough drinking water. Dehydration mostly occurs when the body lacks enough water to function properly. In every summer season make sure your kids stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. It is better for prevention measures for dehydration in children or infants for if left to a later stage which can cause lots of diarrhea which is harmful to the children even adults.