Early Orthodontic Treatment

Benefits and how it resolves Tooth, jaw issues

Early orthodontic treatment is an excellent way to avert serious tooth and jaw problems that may arise at a later stage or age, making the treatment shorter and even less problematical. Indeed, this occurrence is also supported by various studies which show that many patients can benefit from this treatment.

What is the early orthodontic treatment?

This technique makes use of orthodontic devices to guide the growth and development of jawxcccxccxcxccx bones, creating a healthier environment for the adult teeth as they mature.This treatment is followed by another comprehensive treatment that involves the use of full braces at the right stage. Unlike the first phase of therapy, this second step is usually shorter, less complicated and even more efficient; thanks to the primary treatment program that sets the pace for identification of the problem.

Advantages of early treatment

Early orthodontic treatment helps a great deal in achieving results that otherwise wouldn’t be practicable when the jaws have fully grown. More specifically, this treatment helps to:

  1. Enhance the way lips meet
  2. Promote better appearance and self-confidence
  3. Direct jaw growth and development
  4. Reduce the possibility of suffering from trauma especially on the protruded teeth
  5.  Lead permanent teeth into a more appealing position
  6. Eliminate harmful habits such as lip wedging, tongue thrusting and thumb sucking

xcccxccxcxccxEvaluation for this treatment should start when the child has attained the age of seven. At this age, a trained orthodontist can quickly detect any development issue that might become a serious problem in future. Early screenings of problems such as cross bites, premature loss of infant’s teeth and crowding can promote the implementation of the most suitable treatment program that can lead to a shorter course of therapy.

Here are some of the indications for early treatment;

  1. Clenching and grinding of teeth
  2. Difficulties in chewing
  3. Imbalanced facial appearance
  4. Early or late teeth loss
  5. Biting into the roof of the mouth, and even biting of the cheeks
  6. Breathing via the mouth
  7. Front Teeth that meet in an abnormal manner
  8. Misplaced or crowded teeth

At the end of the day, it is important to note that children and young people can benefit from early orthodontic treatment in many ways.The treatment helps the child to have a better smile at a young age, thereby promoting higher self-esteem. Most importantly, early treatment helps in improving the stability of the subsequent and even up to the final orthodontic therapy.